Navigator restated its commitment towards act4nature Portugal


Established in France in 2018, act4nature is an international initiative promoted in Portugal by BCSD Portugal and represented by act4nature Portugal since 2020. This project brings together companies willing to assist biodiversity conservation through their internal and external strategies, and The Navigator Company is obviously one of such companies.

Since its inception, act4nature Portugal initiative’s aim has been to invite Portuguese companies to commit to protecting, promote and restore biodiversity integrating nature into their strategies and business models.

Regardless of their size and turnover, all companies can join by simply endorsing 10 Common Commitments (such as mobilizing resources and partnerships, integrating biodiversity actions into their daily activities, etc.) and to be implemented under a wider set of individual commitments. Performance as regards these commitments should be reported every two years.

Navigator is one of the signatory companies and is integrated into the first Act4nature Portugal Performance Report that came out in 2023, reporting on the results of the initiatives undertaken between 2020 and 2022, of which we would like to highlight the fact that 87% of the commitments were duly complied with. A total of 165 commitments were established, representing an average of 11 commitments for each of the 15 companies that joined in the first wave. Currently, the number of signatory companies is 46, proof of the importance of joining forces when it comes to restoring Nature.

The Navigator Company’s individual commitments towards act4nature Portugal

Navigator is currently a pillar of the Portuguese economy. Responsibility and investment in sustainable forest management, research and development in the most advanced technologies and qualification of people are clearly reflected in both the high quality of its products and its status as a world reference in the sector.

Annually, we monitor properties under our management with the help of external experts. To safeguard protected and endemic natural habitats and fauna and flora species we promote the compatibility of forest management with conservation guidelines, in addition to actions to re-qualify degraded habitats.

In addition to these commitments made under act4nature Portugal, by 2030 we should ensure 80% use of certified wood, thus promoting forest certification in Portugal. Training courses with content related to the theme of B&SE conservation and awareness of good business practices are also planned and addressed to internal and external employees. We shall also report the progress of act4nature Portugal commitments in order to disseminate the Navigator’s main actions under this initiative.

In light of the above and taking into account the importance of biodiversity, we restated our commitments towards act4nature Portugal initiative and our individual commitment to keep contributing to a better future.

“Biodiversity and the balance of ecosystems are fundamental to our business, which is based on a natural and renewable resource – the Forest. We have been committed to preserving these values for a long time and joining this initiative was only natural, sharing the contribution we already make today and joining forces with other companies towards a common goal.”

António Redondo,

The Navigator Company