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Biodiversity by The Navigator Company is an innovative digital project dedicated to sharing knowledge about biodiversity in forest ecosystems, with a detailed focus on forests managed by The Navigator Company.

Forests are home to most terrestrial species and provide important ecosystem services. In the face of scientific estimates that nearly one million species of animals and plants are at risk of extinction and nature declines at an unprecedented rate (IPBES – Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, 2019), biodiversity loss is one of the greatest challenges facing Planet Earth and humanity. Protection and conservation actions are essential to care for habitats and stop the loss of biodiversity.

In the forests managed by The Navigator Company, more than 12,300 hectares are classified as areas of interest for conservation and, at the beginning of 2022, 252 species of fauna and 900 species and subspecies of flora were identified. Knowing these natural values allows activities to be planned responsibly and appropriate prevention, mitigation, and restoration plans to be implemented, integrated into the company’s sustainable forest management strategy, and supported by external specialist teams, with input from various stakeholders.

In 2020, The Navigator Company publicly strengthened its commitment by signing up to act4nature Portugal, an initiative of the Business Council for Sustainable Development (BCSD) Portugal, whose aims of reversing biodiversity loss are in line with the company’s management principles and operations:
“Biodiversity and the balance of ecosystems are fundamental to our business, which is based on a natural and renewable resource – the Forest”.

With this conviction and on the premise that “to care, you must know”, Biodiversity by The Navigator Company is based on systematised information about the species that can be found in Portuguese forests, habitats and good practices in conservation and compatibility of forestry operations with biodiversity protection.

The informative and educational content on this platform is available in Portuguese and English in clear, understandable language and is intended for the general public. The project was created in 2022 and is constantly being updated.


The mission of Biodiversity By The Navigator Company is to collect, systematise, and disseminate comprehensive information and knowledge about biodiversity in general and in the woodlands managed by The Navigator Company in particular, publicising practices implemented, challenges and opportunities, in a clear and accessible manner.


Biodiversity By The Navigator Company aims to raise awareness and inform society about biodiversity, forests as havens for life, and the importance of making forestry operations and conservation compatible – through accessible, educational content which inspires action for biodiversity.

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